A Professional CV Will Unlock Your Career Potential
CV Building
Aug 30, 2023
A Short Intro to Professional Profile Building

In this fast-paced world, having a compelling professional profile has become more important than ever. It's not just about having a well-written CV (or resume) and cover letter anymore, it's important to build your online presence and personal brand to attract and win the top employers and jobs. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of building a strong digital profile and share tips on how it can boost your career prospects.

As a first step, we recommend that you head over to one of the online professional platforms today and set up your profile. Some options include: LinkedIn, Rozee, and Taraki. Setting up your profile should be a simple exercise. If you’ve already made your profile, make sure it’s updated and relevant for the jobs you now want.

The Power of Professional Platforms

In most of the western world, professional networking platforms have become the norm. Over the last few years, we have started seeing rapid adoption of such solutions in emerging markets and Pakistan is no different. Pakistan has the 13th lowest internet data rates in the world, as per the Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2022 and now with over 125 million smart phone users, Pakistan is set to catch up quickly. 

Furthermore, over the last few years we have seen more and more Pakistanis using their mobile devices to do their daily jobs. These include both the white-colar workforce and the blue-collar workforce - jobs and tasks can range from a senior corporate banker accessing files in the cloud to collaborate on work with their colleagues during a business trip or even FoodPanda delivery riders accepting orders on the mobile app and communicating with customers over WhatsApp to get the exact location. 

Increasingly, we will see employers take their recruitment activities online. And as job search, CV building, and interviews move to digital avenues -  users with greater experience on these platforms will have an edge. Furthermore, building your professional profile that is complete and up-to-date will help these platforms automatically match you with the best jobs.

Maximizing Your Profile for Job Opportunities

Setting up your profile on one of these platforms is just the first step. To fully leverage these platforms, it will become important to keep your profile up-to-date. For instance, as you gain more experience in your existing job, or as you learn a new skill, or obtain further qualifications, make sure to highlight these updates through your online presence. This will increase your chances of discovering jobs most relevant to you, it will also help you find better paying jobs. Furthermore, there will be a greater likelihood that recruiters will reach out to you themselves to share job openings for which you are the best candidate. 

Having an online profile enables you to maximize your career opportunities, you no longer need to depend on jobs that only your friends and family share with you. You can now discover new jobs every day. Furthermore, having access to such information means you can now understand what employers are looking for as you plan your next career move. 

Remember, every time you update your profile by adding information such as your education, skills, and experience, you’re taking small steps to increase your luck potential. We strongly recommend being honest and authentic in your profile as it will build trust and credibility with employers.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

With thousands of professionals vying for the same job opportunities, it's crucial to make your profile stand out. One way to do this is through a professional profile photo and a video introduction. A high-quality photo adds a layer of polish to your profile and creates a positive impression. A video introduction is the cherry on top, allowing you to illustrate to employers your confidence and establishing rapport even before the interview stage.

Especially in countries like Pakistan, employers love to see candidates who are going the extra mile. While photos and short introductions are now usually the norm in international  job applications, it's still a relatively easy way to stand out in Pakistan. 

Building your online presence enables employers to find you and like you even before the interview is conducted. It can set you apart and opens the door for new and exciting opportunities. If you’ve got any additional information such as strong reference letters from past employers or colleagues or achievement certificates, do not hesitate to add them to your profile.


Building a powerful professional profile in Pakistan is a crucial step in your career development journey. It's not just about creating a CV (resume), but about showcasing your skills, experiences, and achievements in a compelling way. By investing time and effort in building and maintaining a strong online presence, you increase your chances of attracting the best job opportunities and advancing in your career.