Top 3 Strategies for Leaders to Hire Talent
Aug 30, 2023

In today's competitive business landscape, finding and attracting top talent is crucial for organizational success. Drawing from industry standards and our expertise, this blog offers valuable insights and strategies to optimize your recruitment and connect with the right candidates. Whether you're heading the finance, operations, or marketing department, these strategies will help you build an inclusive employer brand, leverage professional networks, and maximize your hiring success.

Top 3 Strategies for Leaders to Hire Talent
Build a Brand That Makes Your Company Worth Joining

A compelling employer brand is vital for attracting and retaining talented professionals. While each functional department has its unique requirements, there are overarching elements that can help establish a strong employer brand across the organization. Thus, it becomes very important for functional leaders to work hand-in-hand with their organization’s HR team and consider implementing the following strategies:

Showcase department-specific success stories and achievements: 
Highlight notable achievements within your functional department, such as successful projects, innovative solutions, or revenue growth. Share these stories with your HR team so they can put them on your company's social media platforms and website to demonstrate your department's value and attract top talent.

Encourage department-specific employee testimonials:

Encourage employees from your functional department to share their experiences and success stories through testimonials. This humanizes the brand and provides potential candidates with insights into the department's work culture and growth opportunities.
Use Networking Groups for Specific Functions

Utilizing specialized networking groups on social media platforms such as Facebook can allow you to access communities that are tailored to each functional department. These communities provide opportunities to connect with professionals who are actively seeking career growth in their respective fields.Below we are sharing some common groups that can be examples for you to hire for certain functions. 

Accounting and Finance:
Platforms like "Finance Professionals Pakistan" or "CFA Society Pakistan" provide forums for finance professionals to connect, share insights, and explore job opportunities within the finance industry.

FMCG/ Supply Chain Management: 

Look for groups or platforms dedicated to operations professionals, such as "Pakistan Operations Professionals Network" or "Supply Chain Management Society Pakistan." Engage in discussions, offer valuable input, and network with individuals from the operations and supply chain fields.

Branding and Marketing: 

Explore platforms like "Pakistan Marketing Association" or "Digital Marketing Pakistan" to connect with marketing professionals, share industry trends, and stay updated with the latest marketing practices.
Attend Job Fairs and Enhance Your Public Profile

Attending local industry-related events, including job fairs and university fairs, can be a vital strategy for leaders to unearth and connect with excellent talent. These events assemble professionals from various sectors and academic backgrounds, providing an ideal platform for your company to showcase itself, engage with a broad talent pool, and conduct impactful employer branding and recruitment activities.

Major industry job fairs, such as those held at large convention centers like the Expo Center in Lahore, offer access to a wide array of potential candidates. These events are mentioned on the Lahore Chamber of Commerce website for your convenience. University fairs represent another substantial opportunity for attracting fresh perspectives and potential future employees who align with your company's hiring needs.

By participating in these diverse events, your organization can boost its visibility, tap into pools of candidates with shared interests, and attract those who align well with your hiring needs. These multi-industry job fairs and university events are truly beneficial in scouting and securing exceptional talent for your organization.

Expand Your Network:
Engage with professionals and make connections within your industry. Forge relationships with potential candidates, industry leaders, and experts who can provide insights and referrals.

Showcase Your Company:

Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your organization's values, culture, and career opportunities. Use your presence at these events to create brand awareness and position your company as an employer of choice.

Identify Talent:

Take the time to interact with attendees, learn about their backgrounds, and assess their fit for your organization. Engage in conversations, collect resumes, and invite promising candidates to apply for relevant positions.

Build Relationships:

Use local industry events as a starting point to build relationships with talented individuals, even if there isn't an immediate job opening. Nurture these connections over time, as they could become valuable assets for future recruitment needs.

Remember, attending job fairs and local industry events is not just about finding candidates; it's also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local professional community, gain industry insights, and establish your company's presence. 

We’re sharing another content piece on effective recruitment that talks about some widely accepted hiring best practices that your HR team can utilize. By leveraging the power of a strong brand, utilizing network groups on social media and job fairs effectively, your chances of tapping into the rich talent pool and strengthening your recruitment efforts can increase significantly.